Tv program


RTS1 23.04.2014


06:05 Jutarnji program

08:00 Jutarnji dnevnik

08:15 Jutarnji program

09:00 Vesti

09:04 Muzikanti: Canetova ljubav, TV serija

09:45 Gastronomad

10:00 Vesti

10:05 Trag: Uskrs na Krfu

10:35 Svet bez vize

11:00 Vesti

11:05 Izaberi uspeh

11:30 Trenutak za uživanje u luksuzu

12:00 Dnevnik

12:15 Sport plus

12:25 Vreme, stanje na putevima

12:30 Stop sport

12:45 Do usijanja, američka serija

13:30 Evronet

13:35 Fudbaleri buntovnici: Sokrateš

14:00 Jastuk groba mog, TV serija

15:15 Ovo je Srbija

16:05 Moj rođak sa sela, tv serija

17:00 Dnevnik RT Vojvodina

17:20 Šta radite bre?

17:45 Beogradska hronika

18:25 Zločin u Aberdarevoj, Oko

19:00 Slagalica, kviz

19:21 Vreme

19:30 Dnevnik

20:05 Fudbal - Liga šampiona

20:40 Fudbal, LŠ: Real Madrid - Bajern Minhen, prenos

22:40 Fudbal - Liga šampiona,, pregled

23:00 Dnevnik

23:20 Kulturni dnevnik

23:35 Do usijanja, američka serija

00:20 Vesti

00:25 Evronet

00:30 Machete, film

02:15 Muzikanti: Canetova ljubav, TV serija

02:53 Gastronomad

03:00 Vesti (04.00,05.00)

03:09 Trag: Uskrs na Krfu

03:34 Jastuk groba mog, tv serija

04:49 Oko

05:20 Trenutak za uživanje u luksuzu

05:47 Verski kalendar

06:00 Vesti

Folk Music – Best Programs in the Region


With GSS Media you will have the opportunity to view best music programs promoting folk songs. We choose best programs in the region:   Na zdravje (Cheers) – is a program that promotes Slovenian ethno music. In addition to the excellent music you will get familiar with and see the most attractive Slovenian tourist destinations, [...]

Grand Show and Zajdi, zajdi


Grand Show is a Serbian program presenting newest attainments in the folk and turbo folk music created by Grand Production. This program is very popular not only within the borders of Serbia but also in the region. Music competitions among young talented singers under the name Stars of Grand are emitted within this program. Program [...]

VIP Big Brother 2013.


First reality show presented in the areas of former Yugoslavia begin with emitted again in few Ex-Yu republic. VIP Big Brother is back to the old address but with new interesting characters. This season will produce cooperation with Croatian RTL which also guarantees participation of many regional stars. So far it has been known that [...]

FOOTBALL – 2014. WC Qualifications


If you are a football fan and fan of your national team be sure that you will not miss qualifying matches.  In March you had the opportunity to watch the following matches: Slovenia-Lithuania, Serbia-Croatia, Serbia-Scotland, Croatia-Wales, Montenegro-Moldova, Montenegro-England, B&H-Greece, Macedonia-Belgium, while during June you can watch Croatia-Scotland (06.07), Serbia-Belgium (07.06) as well as Montenegro-Ukraine on [...]

FARM – Most watched reality show


The fourth season of FARM, most popular reality show in Serbia started in March. After a two-year break, this show returned on TV with a team of VIP guaranteeing excellent entertainment.  Three-month life on a farm will make VIP farmers change, feel farm life, earn some money and acquire pleasant experience. The winner of this [...]